What’s Our Clients Say

I am pleased to say that the challenges with our pools were solved by the expertise of Terrol. Both pools were struggling to maintain positive chlorine levels. Due to the fact that it was uncommon to have high phosphate readings, we didn’t think to check for that. Unfortunately, this proved to be a headache as there were signs of rapid algae growth and extremely low chlorine readings. We began to use excessive amounts of chlorine just to get the pool to read on the low end of the good scale. This caused our expenses to rise fast as the chlorine levels decreased continuously. Terrol’s recommendations were well received and the results were great!

I would recommend getting some phosphate remover if anyone is facing the same challenges with their pools.

-Roggick Q.

Asked for a product which was out of stock at the St. James branch. The customer service representative gracefully suggested I wait so the company could request it from the other branch. As soon as the next day, I was able to return to the store and purchase the item I needed. I was lucky.

-Dwight H

I visited Pumps & Mechanical Services about a pool algae problem I was experiencing. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful in offering me possible suggestions and solutions. I purchased the recommended products, used the suggested method and it worked beautifully. Thanks to the Pumps & Mechanical team – especially Kasha- for their professional service.

-Douglas D.